A fun and exciting children's music program that allows children and families to interact and experience music through active participation. Through her personalized music, Michele Spitz encourages children to be creative and express themselves!

"Music for Munchkins lets loose the inner talent of youth... Michele Spitz strums her guitar like a modern-day Pied Piper." Barrie Barber, Saginaw News

Classes available now at CENTER COURTS (989.791.9860) in Saginaw.  See FB Event Tab for class times and dates! REGISTRATION at Center Courts Office or ONLINE at Saginaw Township Recreation Registration.  For a complete listing of classes visit Music for Munchkins on Facebook!

A fun & exciting program that allows families to experience music together! For more information visit

~Birthdays~Libraries~Preschools~Events~ Classes~ Call Ms. Michele @ 989.385.3103


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